Real Cougars Know The Power Of Looking Good

Transition_2     Sorry all you grey haired let yourself go natural ladies I’m not in your camp.  Jamie Lee Curtis may choose the grey and wrinkled route, but not me.  The Real Cougar Woman does everything she can to look good – not to please anybody else – she does it for herself.

My book "The 12 Best Kept Secrets of The Real Cougar Women" gives women over 40 important information on how to look fabulous.  The tag line for the book is "how old did you say you are".  I chose it because that’s the question I get asked all the time. 

Here’s the thing most women won’t tell you. Although we’re smart, confident, sexy and financially independent, men are still the ones in charge.  And men want pretty women working beside them.  This I tell you from first hand experience.  I worked with men for over 20 years in Wall Street’s Old Boys Club. Even though I was the best at what I did – looking good certainly didn’t hurt my career.

Not one woman on the planet wants to wake up one morning and see a stranger looking back inD314cazaob35cadfy1s5caaymqtncarfnt2  the mirror.  You know the scenario – feeling 30 on the inside and looking 65 on the outside. Christopher Hopkins, a Minneapolis makeover expert says:  "the first step toward change is defining who you are with adjectives — i.e. classic, casual, romantic dramatic, alluring, innovative.  Then balance who you are through your haircut, clothes and makeup"  He asks, when did taking pride in your appearance become bad"?

A lot of women over 45 are simply paralyzed, says Chrisopher.  They think it’s better to do nothing than to make an effort and fail…it’s easier to pretend you don’t care.

The Real Cougar Woman cares.  So, if you’re feeling a little frumpy today, invest in one of the gazillion beauty books that will give you some tips.  Be the woman who’s asked "how old did you say you are"?



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