Whitney Houston Meet Eckhart Tolle

Life can be summed up by Whitney Houston’s song One Moment In Time.  Master of living in the NOW, Eckhart Tolle, with the help of Oprah, is taking that thinking mainstream.  Here’s how it applies.

IAthletemagining mistakes or what could go wrong has a serious detrimental effect on performance for sports figures, dancers and actors. Dwelling on the negative can disrupt their ability to perform and sabotages actions that would normally be automatic. This research is coming out of the University of Limerick.

The findings suggest that our negative images are much more vivid, detailed and less controllable than our positive images. Positive imagery is known to have a beneficial effect on performance but these results suggest negative images have an even more pronounced impact on how we perform.

Okay having said that, doesn’t it make perfect sense that negative thoughts and images take what we want and blow it to smithereens?  Living in the moment is our goal. When we do that our ego let’s go of its grip on us.  Why is it we insist on focusing on the yeah buts and the what ifs?  Why not trade those dream killers in for I can achieve anything I want and stay in the moment. 

Here’s three things you can do to start being in the moment:

  • Pay attention to what you’re thinking – put a red band on your wrist to remind you 
  • Make sure that every day you do something that you enjoy. Notice the difference in your body when you’re feeling good compared to when you are stressed out and worried
  • Help somebody else.  That pay it forward model really works

Don’t waste another day focusing on what you don’t want.  You are in control of your success!!!  


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