Modeling Opportunities for The Real Cougar Woman

At some time in your life haven't you imagined yourself parading down a runway or posing for the cover of Vogue?  I Judys_bookJudy_goss_2 think all young women have had that fantasy. But, as we approached our thirties those dreams got tucked away in the back of the closet.  Well, ladies today is the day to resurrect those dreams.  NOW it's your time to shine and here's why.

Advertisers are waking up to the realization that woman over forty have an amazing amount of money to spend.  And, when we buy, we like to buy from people who look like us.  Viola, models over 40 are becoming hot properties.

If you're ready to take advantage of this trend.  If you're ready to strut your stuff, this is a must read – Break Into Modeling for Under $20. It was written by Judy Goss who was a high fashion model and agent for Ford NY in their editorial/celebrity division and also an agent for NY Models in their high fashion division.  She is currently the photo shoot producer and booking editor for More Magazine.  Judy has done it all so she can help you.

Whether you are ready to pursue your dream or help a younger woman pursue hers, do yourself a big favor and read Judy's book first. It can save you a lot of money and a lot of frustration.

Here's some additional information you need to now.  Red Model Management has started a new division called the S-Class. They are looking for vibrant photogenic, elegant women between the ages of 35 and 65 and taller than 5'8".  Here's the best part:  no experience necessary.

The first open call will be in New York on April 26th at their NYC offices:  15 Broad Street, Suite 3320, 33rd floor.

If you are interested, you must make an appointment for the open call first!  Here's the number: 212-785-1999 Contact:  Christie or Kristin.


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