Cougar Women Are Facing An Upward Battle

This is something all Real Cougars have to read.  It’s disturbing but we have to understand how the world perceives older women.  So hold your nose and dive into the murky pool of negative spin.

The cougar — A female homo sapien mammal, late 30s to 55 years old, known to prey on younger males, never older than 25.

Physical characteristics: The cougar has distinct markings that include leopard print, fluorescent pink and24036657_jupiter_images_couple_on_4 push-up bras. The cougar has a slender, muscular and agile body, ideal for stalking and ambushing. The traditional cougar has long, painted claws, and she looks about 15 years younger than she is. She bathes in self-tanning lotion and hibernates in a tanning bed.

Okay, when I read this piece I could feel my blood starting to boil. But that’s a good thing because it makes me even more dedicated to changing this uneducated image of woman over 40.  What really got to me was it was written by a 28 year old woman.  This only goes to prove what I’ve always said, women are harder on each other than any man could ever be.  The only way to change the attitude is to prove how fabulous The Real Cougar Woman really is and to support each other. Sorry for interrupting. Continue reading if you can stand it. 

The mountain lion is another subcategory of the cougar, distinguishable not by behavior but purely by appearance. The mountain lion features overly tanned skin of a leather and/or tree bark consistency and highly processed hair that is either significantly longer or significantly poofier than other females of her age. From a distance, the mountain lion camouflages with the college crowd and the "pumas" (cougars-in-training). But upon closer observation, you will notice that although the face is flawless beneath the Botox, foundation and clothespins, you can count the age rings on the below-hanging neck, much like you can count the rings in a tree stump.

"Cougar hunters" must take extra precaution not to confuse a mountain lion with a cougar, or the end result could be catastrophic.

Habitat: During the day, cougars are found in one of two extremes: In an executive business position or as a stay-at-home wife. At night, this largely nocturnal animal flocks to nightclubs, "lounges," hotel bars and, apparently, concerts by rock stars of yesteryear. The cougar thrives in dim lighting.

Demeanor: Determined, goal-oriented, independent, quick and noncommittal. Cougars are also wise and highly skilled in the hunt. A cougar also knows every word to the Bon Jovi songs pre-1990, but stands stunned at the newer music. Despite the cougar’s trendy attire, modern pop-culture trivia is the surest way to unearth a cougar’s true genetic age.

Diet: Rose zinfandel, gin and tonic and lettuce.

Popularity: The cougar population seems to be growing, possibly following in the stilettos of Samantha Jones of "Sex and the City." Famous cougars include Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon and Naomi Watts. The term "cougar" has also appeared on shows such as "30 Rock" and in the movie "Ocean’s Thirteen." There was also last year’s NBC reality dating show "Age of Love," which pitted so-called kittens in their 20s against cougars in their 40s.

At the concert on Monday, I began noticing the proliferation of cougars as far away from the Pepsi Center as Interstate 25 and Park Avenue. Cigarette smoke billowed from the windows of Cadillacs, driven by women in oversized sunglasses and faux fur coats.

Inside the venue, I found more tall bangs, hoop earrings, skin-tight jeans and leather jackets. One woman even sported fingerless leather gloves, revealing her blood-red nails, sharpened for the hunt.

It was as if I had discovered Colorado’s most prominent cougar nest. No, more like cougar continent. There must have been thousands of them, all buzzing and circling and bumping into one another like they were caught in a mosh pit. Which they were.

At first, I felt scared. But then I looked down at my own claws: blood red, accented by fingerless gloves. My fear melted into amusement as I gave myself a looky-loo. Tall bangs. Tight jeans. Leopard print and bright pink. And what was all of this "new" Bon Jovi music? All I wanted to hear was "Bad Medicine."

But alas, at only 28, I knew I was safe from cougar-hood.

Now you know what Real Cougars are up against.


4 thoughts on “Cougar Women Are Facing An Upward Battle

  1. Aimee Heckel's article is more refreshing than enlightening and I applaud her honesty about this subject. Many, men and women feel exactly the same way she does and it's a shame more women like her don't speak out about this older woman dating younger man nonsense. Unfortunately, she didn't go far enough. It's a fad much the same way quiche, high platform shoes, and Farrah Fawcett windblown tresses were a generation ago, and like all fads, this too will fade because it goes against everything that is biological. Men are attracted to women based on the physical (youth and fertility), not status, not money, not professionalism, not independence. Notice women are attracted to the very opposite when it comes to finding a suitable partner. Besides, dating a much younger man/older woman doesn't come with much dignity since it's a relationship based on lust and power where casual sex, not love, is the primary motivator for the cougar since she has very little long term appeal. For every urban cougar there's many 40+ year old women think they "still got it" or believe “forty is the new twenty” as their sexual marketability declines at a steady pace. To these women it's nothing more than a game to prove their worth since they find it difficult to accept their demotion to has-been hottie.
    This is when they run to the plastic surgeon to get face and breast implants, dress younger, dye their hair red, dance on four-inch stilettos in a tight, micro miniskirt exposing her sinewy, hoseless bare legs as horny, sex deprived beta males give her the much needed attention fix. They rationalize this behavior as maturing into a confidently, assertive, independent woman, but all it's doing is showcasing her desperation, and vanity willing to do just about anything to cling to her fading looks. And they complain men have large egos that need to be fed and stroked! Go figure.
    I laugh heartily and deeply when I hear some guy in his mid thirties say, “I love older women. They know what they want in life, and that's sexy.”
    Oh please.
    They should come clean and admit the real reason they allow themselves to fall prey to older women is they failed to attract women their own age and lack the deep understanding how to attract them. In other words, these men are relationship challenged who are tired of being rejected. The cougar is a tolerable alternative. But the most common theme I found in this older woman/younger man dynamic is support where the younger man seeks a more dependent and devoted relationship along the lines of a what a mother and son share. For an older woman, a younger man is a conquest, a boy toy that lacks the defense and mental constitution to dissuade her advances who, for the most part, doesn't connect on an emotional, spiritual or mental level like older, experienced, mature men. If there is a crisis brewing on the horizon, he will flake at the drop of a hat because he's never encountered trouble or adversity in his life and he can't deal with or adjust to it. Perhaps if she focused more effort or energy into her marriage or found someone when she was younger rather than put her career first and waiting forever to find Mr. Right who will meet all 123 bullet points of her mental checklist she might have been happy and fulfilled.

  2. Oh please, how you do try to over analyze and trash what you dont understand. Most of what you wrote isnt true, while it may be for a select few, bottom line is women today are doing what men have been doing for years and younger women are jealous of the competetion thinking they need only to rely and on their looks and are finding they are falling short. The article is incorrect about the ages of the men as well, most cougars dont go after men under 25. Like most other women in this category, i could care less what others think, im in the age range to be confident enough not to need your approval for self worth.

  3. I absolutely ABHORE the word "cougar". I am 44 and try to stay fit and active. I have to be SO careful whom I make eye contact or make idle conversation with or it is assumed that I am hoping to pounce on some unsuspecting lad like a wild cat on a lamb. Absurd! I am happily married, but if I WERE single I'd be looking for someone very near my own age. If I'm standing in line and begin a casual conversation with a 28 year old woman…I'm being neighborly…but start the same banal conversation with a young man and I'm on the prowwwwl. Yes, the line seems unusually long today is definitely suggestive banter! I stopped in with another woman to have a glass of wine with a friend recently and we were approached by two 20 somethings that would not BEGIN to interest us…and they began cooing and telling us that they "knew" why we were there and that they were willing to entertain us for the price of their drinks!!! We were flabberghasted! We are both attractive, toned, well read, fun women who look for the same. These 2 pot bellied youngsters couldn't begin to hold our attention. It's unnerving!

  4. Im a young guy who has dated older women my entire adulthood.
    I find them easier to relate to and not as flakey and materialistic as girls my age and younger. Ive tried to date younger girls and find myself bored. After the thrill of a virgin body starts to fade I still have to teach them everything and soon tire of talking to someone with less life experience then i have. Sorry but a fling or to with ayoung girl is nice but nothing lights my fire like an older woman !

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